Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doctor Who, Episode 2: The End of the World

Netflix synopsis: The Doctor and Rose board the TARDIS and travel to the year 5 billion, the eve of Earth's apocalypse. As various alien emissaries gather to witness the end, one among them has deadly intentions.

The episode begins where the last one ended, with Rose running straight into the TARDIS. The Doctor asks if she wants to go to the past or to the future and here is where Rose and I differ: I would pick going to the past (because of dinosaurs) but she chooses to go to the future. They start by going 100 years into the future, then 10,000 (to the new Roman empire), but the Doctor says that's totally boring. Rose teases the Doctor all, "You think you're so impressive," and he's like, "I AM so impressive," which...yeah. He takes the bait, though, and sets the TARDIS for KICKASS.

They end up in what looks like a spa. But then big window appears and it turns out they are in the best spa ever, floating high above the Earth. IN SPACE. They're 5 billion years in the future, which is way more than 100 years (MATH). They watch the sun rise over the Earth and the Doctor welcomes Rose to the end of the world. Uh, downer. Nice view, though.

Best date ever?

It turns out they're on some space station called Platform One that's orbiting the Earth. Everyone is there for the big Earth Death party. In the future, rich people watch planets burn up for funsies and the Earth is set to burn in half an hour. You know, this seems like an odd place to take Rose for the first time. That's her home and it's about to burn up in the sun. Anyway, the Doctor explains this all to Rose very matter-of-factly, and Rose wonders whether that's what the Doctor does...runs in and saves the Earth at the last minute. Which...yes, but not this time. He says the Earth's time is up, but not to worry, because all the people have left. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE DUCKS? WHAT OF THE POOR, BABY ANIMALS?!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lois & Clark, Episode 8: The Green, Green Glow of Home

Netflix Synopsis: Lois and Clark investigate a strange green crystal found in Clark’s hometown that depletes Superman of his powers.

Now you, too, can own the means to destroy Superman!

So here we have the introduction of Kryptonite. Some quick backstory: back in the ’40s, there was a Superman radio show. It was a daily show, and it ran for a really long time, and at one point the actor who played Superman, Bud Collyer, wanted to take a vacation for a week or two. They couldn’t very well play reruns of the show, so instead the writers came up with something that would take Superman out of the picture for a little while. A scientist in Metropolis discovered a strange metal that he believed to be alien in origin, and whenever Superman came near it he would weaken/fall terribly ill. It was called K-metal, and after a long exposure to it Superman was knocked unconscious and Bud Collyer got his vacation. The Superman radio show was so popular that the comic picked up on the k-metal idea (I’m sure it didn’t help that it finally gave Superman a weakness, too). They renamed it Kryptonite, and it’s been a staple of the Superman mythology ever since.

Any questions?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sports Night, Episode 2: The Apology

Synopsis from DVD: When Dan is quoted in a national magazine supporting the legalization of marijuana, the network demands an on-air apology, but no one is more sorry than Casey, who is described as the “not-cool-one” in the same article.

And as thorough as the synopsis for the first episode was, this one leaves quite a bit to be explained, so that’s somewhat exciting. Also, it’s unclear from the synopsis who it is that supports pot legalization, Dan or the magazine he’s quoted in. Also, I don’t expect to see Casey go on the air and apologize for not being cool. Though, really, maybe he should. Anyway. Let’s get to it.

As the episode opens, Dan is visibly nervous, though he says it's not about an interview that he gave to Esquire but because one of CSC’s morning aerobics instructors is stalking him. He and Natalie try to determine what the woman’s name is as they prep for the show. He’s totally covering his actual nervousness about the article with this stalker nonsense, but we’ll play along because it’s funny and Dan is just so damn charming. In the control booth, Dana is informed that some pitcher (I don’t remember who, it’s not important) is working on a no-hitter in the 7th inning, and she instructs Dan and Casey to tease it in the live promo that’s coming up. Jeremy insists that they shouldn’t do this because it’s bad luck for the pitcher to do so, but Dana ignores him. Dan and Casey complete the promo, complete with tease, and moments later the pitcher loses the no-hitter. Jeremy consoles Dana, who clearly does not care.

The next day, everyone in the office is reading Dan’s article. Casey and Dana discuss whether Dan might be in trouble, but Casey is more concerned with the fact that he is portrayed in the article as not being cool. Something to think about, Casey: if you’re sitting around worrying about whether or not you’re cool, you are definitely not cool. Dana tells Casey that lawyers from Standards & Practices are in Isaac’s office at the moment discussing what to do about Dan. It seems that Dan mentioned being a member of a group that supports the legalization of marijuana, and this is a problem for the network probably because drugs are bad, m’kay?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Doctor Who (9th Doctor), Episode 1: Rose

Netflix synopsis: Department store clerk Rose Tyler meets the mysterious Doctor when he rescues her from a squad of killer mannequins. She then faces a tough decision when the Doctor asks her to join him on his dangerous time travels.

I knew nothing of Doctor Who when I watched this episode the first time and at the time, I was all, "killer mannequins, wtf?" I actually thought the whole thing was fairly ridiculous and almost quit watching, but I'm so, SO glad I didn't. I'm excited to watch all of them (the new series) again now that I fully appreciate how much fun this show is. Honestly, the main reason I'm reviewing it is because we finished Series 5 a while ago and I just really, really wanted to watch it all over again. Also, I want Ashley to watch this show already. Heh.

I love the theme song. It's my ringtone.

SPACE! The final frontier. Wait, wrong show. Anyway. The episode opens with an alarm buzzing and a young, blonde woman rushing out of bed. I'm going to tell you right now that her name is Rose. Just like the episode!

Rose kisses her mum (that's british for mom) goodbye and goes to work at a store called Henrik's. Retail. Ugh. She plays kissy face with her boyfriend at lunchtime but has to go back to work. The store closes (FINALLY), but as Rose is leaving, she's handed a bag that she has to take downstairs (to the...basement?) to someone named Wilson.

He's not there, though, and Rose hears a strange noise. She has apparently never seen a horror movie before, so she goes to investigate. That's not really fair, though, because she just thinks someone is messing with her. I would probably do the same thing. And then I would get axe murdered.